Legend has it that 300 years ago people in Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco; found a cave full of artifacts in the region. Upon claiming this treasure they saw a strange bottle in a chest containing a white liquid and a kind of label with the logo of a skull, immediately they thought it was a potion or poison. However, upon opening the chest, aromas came out that were unfamiliar to them; aromas that invited them to try it.

What would be to their surprise, is that this  magic elixir would become their talisman of success, wealth and  a good life. Since then the symbol of the skull granted them well be preserved for ever.

It is said that this elixir was kept as a treasure that only was shared with friends and family.

Over the years, they learned that this was a white tequila distilled that eventually was further perfected; leaving a legacy that even today continues to being conserved and that we named Sweet Poison and thus exalting the potion of its delicate flavor.